Disabled Driver's Training and Driver Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Centers we work with.Whether you are young or now in your golden years, no matter what type of lifestyle you live, one thing that most people agree upon is the importance of mobility. To see friends and family, to run essential errands, or just to get outside in the sunshine, we all want to get around on our own. For most of us in California, that means having some means of personal transportation.

We understand the importance of maintaining our ability to drive. Driving gives us the freedom to jump in and out of our car at a moment’s notice and go wherever we please. For most of us, protecting our privilege to drive is of monumental importance.

For over 25 years, American Driving School has been working side-by-side with men and women who have had their driving privilege challenged due to various vision or health problems. Some have had a stroke or heart attack, while others have been involved in industrial or auto accidents or have a military disability that can affect their driving.

Fortunately, many of these drivers still have a chance to regain their driving privilege by proving that they have learned to compensate for their disability. In some cases this means learning to use hand controls or learning how to use their vision more effectively. In many situations, special equipment like left-foot gas pedals or steering knobs are necessary to help them to drive safely. The important thing to remember is that there is always hope with the proper training and modern equipment. You would be amazed at the number of drivers who have overcome their disability and successfully passed their driving retest with our help.

The Rehabilitation Program in our Driving School is staffed by specially-trained Instructors and therapists who have helped so many drivers with all types of disabilities to regain their driver’s license. With our years of experience, we have developed teaching techniques that make learning new driving habits easier. Our lessons are for drivers who have been cleared to drive following a medical evaluation and have a current drivers license or permit.  We recommend teaching drivers in their own vehicle for familiarity, but we can also provide vehicles equipped with steering wheel knobs and an instructor brake pedal. Lessons are 1 ½ hours in duration and are scheduled at your convenience with enough advance notice. We instruct students in the proper way to drive with their new condition, and we instill good driving techniques to overcome old driving habits. Our Instructors carefully explain what will involved and be requested by DMV to successfully pass the re-test.

We hope that if you have special needs that you will consider American Driving School. We have been helping people like you for 25 years. We invite your inquiries about our disabled driver training program, and we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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